9 Spring Beauty Tips

Nothing is worse for skin and hair than a long and cold winter. Low humidity, whipping wind, and dry heat canoften leave your skin and hair looking dull, dry, and rough. Here are a few quick tips to jumpstart your spring routine.


Switch to a brighter lip colour, also try using a shearer formula like a lip stain or gloss.


Pack away your powder blush for a cream version. It will give your cheeks a warm dewey glow.


Revive your skincare routine. Weather changes greatly impact skin so it may be time to use a lighter moisturizer or an all-in-one serum. (Our NIA B3 Serum is excellent in warmer months)


Exfoliate! Has winter caused havoc on your skin? Now its time to use a body scrub to slough away dry dull winter skin.


Wash your makeup brushes. Oil and bacteria can get caught in the bristles and cause clogged pores, breakouts and irritation. Use a moisturizing cleanser for natural bristle brushes.


Wearing sunscreen year round will reduce premature skin aging. If you haven’t been wearing a separate spf or moisturizer with sunscreen its time to do so right now, even if its still cool outside


Check Expiration dates. Expired skin care products won’t work effectively and can irritate skin.


Use a skin Brightening masque.


Protect your tresses. Do weekly deep conditioning treatments, and get that much needed trim. Coconut oil is a great protectant and natural deep conditioning treatment.

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