Break These Habits Now For The New Year

Sleeping with makeup on: Cleansing the face of all traces of oil and makeup before bedtime is essential if you want to keep your complexion clear. Clogged pores will lead to an unpleasant surprise in the morning.

Using old makeup: Cosmetics that have past their use-by date contain bacteria, which can lead to irritations and infections in the case of eye makeup. They perform poorly by streaking, smearing, and smudging. It is a new year and its time to change and revamp your makeup. See How to spring clean your makeup bag.

Over-plucking your eyebrows: Plucking, Threading, and Waxing gradually weakens the hair follicle and quite often the hair will never grow back. Fuller brows are in (they also make you look younger) just remove stray hairs and use powder or gel for a well groomed look.

Cutting cuticles: You should never cut off the cuticle. Use oils to keep them moist and push them back with a cuticle pen. Your cuticles help to protect your nailbed removing them can lead to infections and weak brittle nails.

Excessive exfoliation: Facial scrubs and peels are effective ways of removing dead skin cells and a glow boost. Peeling or scrubbing too vigorously can actually weaken and thin your skin while making it over-sensitive. Use peels and scrubs according to their directions and with caution.

Eating before bed: The worst time to eat is just before you go to bed. Unburned calories = Extra pounds and certain salty foods lead to puffy “Morning Eyes”. If you must have that late night snack have some fresh fruit, yogurt, or snack on raw veggies.

Ignoring everything but your face: Tonight when you're applying your skin care, take a few moments to spread those products down onto your neck, décolleté and the back of your hands.  We frequently ignore them when applying products, so they'll give away your age. The same products that work on your face will work for your hands, neck and chest.

Skipping the Trim: Its hard trying to grow your hair out and we definitely understand wanting to hold on to your length. Regular haircuts and trims get rid of split ends that ultimately cause shortening breakage.