Hydrate Serum

Hydrate Serum


Product Description: Hydrate Serum is packed full of highly concentrated long- and short-chain hyaluronic molecules (High and Low molecular weight) that provide intensive hydration. The serum functions as a super booster against wrinkles. It has an instant effect – tangibly firmer, intensively hydrated skin that leaves you looking refreshed and radiant. The short-chain molecules are able to penetrate deeper into the skin, thus replenishing moisture reservoirs for the long term. Used regularly, the serum is a highly effective means of preventing the formation of wrinkles caused by dehydration. Long-chain hyaluronic acid provides immediate intensive hydration of the surface layers of the skin to give a refreshing immediate effect.

Skin Type:

✔ Normal
✔Visibly Irritated

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Key Ingredients

  • Ultra Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid - Studies indicate low weight HA offers better penetration than larger sized HA. Accordingly low HA influences the expression of many genes including those contributing to keratinocyte differentiation and formation of intercellular tight junction. The increased activity at decreasing molecular weight explains the more efficient skin penetration of the smaller HA molecules. Topical application of LMW HA improves skin functioning and provides anti-aging effects.

  • Acqua-BiominTM Copper Y3 - Bio-active protein-complexed mineral that provides smoothing, moisturizing and cell renewing benefits

Suggested Usage: Apply 2 to3 drops of Hydrate Serum to face, neck, and décolleté. Can be layered with additional serums for maximum hydration. For optimal results wait until serum is completely absorbed before following with appropriate crème.