Huile de Luxe

Huile de Luxe


Our hand blended carefully selected proprietary blend of Twenty  One 100% pure cold pressed oils and potent active botanicals is produced in small batches. Transport powerful vitamins and nutrients deep into the skin to boost moisture levels and skin. Rich in powerful Omega 3 6 and 9 along with Vitamins A, C and E improve the appearance of fine lines, and reveal a smoother complexion.

Daily use will increase your skin’s natural radiance. The impressive power of Chia, Camellia, and Kalahari Melon oils protect and shield the skin against environmental damage, support the rejuvenation and renewing of skin cells, improve skin elasticity and promote accelerated skin cell turnover. Skin is left glowing, hydrated and plump.


Suggested Usage

- After cleansing, gently press two to three drops onto cleansed face and neck.

- Can be used alone or with your moisturizer or foundation for added hydration and more radiant skin.

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Key Ingredients